New Zealand is a great country. All the things I have been talking about doing to make my life a little greener. People do here automatically. I will get more into that later. What I really wanted to talk about is wool clothing. It is really popular here for all types of weather, even hot summer weather. You are probably thinking I am talking crazy talk, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. There are a few companies offering active lifestyle all weather wool clothing out there and Icebreaker is one of my favorites. I think it is the thumbhole they include in many of their sweaters. They make both heavy and light-weight, washable, merino wool. Yup, washable. Wool stays warm even when it gets wet and the light weight version can help keep you cool. You may remember that I love cashmere and I will always love cashmere, but I have to say that the washable aspect of this line of wool clothing makes me love it just as much. If you are in Auckland you have to check out the Icebreaker Outlet. That is where I got my two sweaters, hat, glove liners, two pairs of socks, and underwear. Yes, even wool undies and no they aren’t scratchy.


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