Hiking, Sheep and Wine

We had a very productive day today. We met up with friends of my parents, Don and Eloise and their lovely children who live in Kerikeri. With Don as our giude we went on a hike in the Puketi Forest, had a lovely lunch at the Marsden Winery and saw lots and lots of sheep. There are pretty much sheep everywhere. Apparently there are about 2 sheep per person here. They dot the landscape with little white balls of fluffy wool. Despite there being sheep everywhere, it is apparently tough to get your hands on some yarn, so my craft diet may not have to suffer. As if all of that wasn’t enough, we went to see D&E’s house which is still under construction. I would have to say that it is probably in the most beautiful spot I have ever seen a house outside of a magazine of the likes of Dwell and I wouldn’t be surprised if once the house is done, it appears in said magazine. We had a lovely dinner at the beach to celebrate Bill’s birthday. It was a fantastic day. Just fantastic.


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