Recycled Rubber Mulch

I have been thinking about landscaping and how it will apply to our Upstate get away. There is one area in particular that has a tendency to get over run with poison ivy if we aren’t careful. You are probably wondering why with 18 acres we care about a few hundred square feet of poison ivy. Location, location, location. It happens to be in the perfect spot for a lot of things we would like to do on this property, namely have friends and family over to hang out. A few weeks ago my grandfather mentioned he recently saw someone using rubber tire mulch. M&I both were wondering why anyone would want black mulch. Well it turns out, rubber mulch isn’t black. They color it to look like regular mulch or give it primary colors for playgrounds. While we aren’t quite ready to get a few yards of it for the property, it is nice to know that a recycled product like this exists. I wonder if they want all the tires on the property to turn them into mulch!

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