Blog Action Day

Today is blog action day. It is a call to bloggers to post about the environment. In the last few months I have been doing what I can to lessen my carbon footprint everyday. I have stopped buying plastic water bottles almost completely and if I do buy them, I reuse them before I recycle them. I have started recycling every piece of paper or cardboard that comes into the house that goes out. I have been looking into small dwelling for our upstate property which use solar power and water catchment systems to relieve at least some of the load. M&I were just yesterday discussing a more vegetarian diet (we plan to eat more vegetarian meals at home). We are doing it for health reasons, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help. We are also looking at reusing the trash on the property instead of tossing it away. A few less things in the landfill. What are you doing to lessen your carbon footprint?


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