Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our property upstate has a lot of stuff on it. For the most part I would classify this stuff as junk. So far we have tried a number of ways to get rid of all the the junk. We donated two cars, we have had two dumpsters full carted away, we recycle what we can, we have even tried burning some of it. There is still a lot of stuff. We are going to have to get more creative! One of the biggest categories of junk is books. You are probably thinking, hey books are good, can you donate them? I would love to donate them. They are in such bad shape that no one will take them! I mean they are moldy and mouse pooped… would you want them? I didn’t think so. I have been reading how some places can recycle hard covers and some places take soft covers. Lucky for us we aren’t in a place that doesn’t take them at all. I have also been trying to think of ways we can recycle them that would be a more personal undertaking such as turning them into handmade paper, well the ones that aren’t too moldy anyway.


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  1. Have you made handmade paper before? It is lots of fun and very simple. You could add some bleach once they are pulped to get rid of any funkiness.

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