Lightroom. Get It? Like Darkroom…

I like taking photos. In college I took a few photo classes and just loved it. It was fairly close to instant gratification… at least I thought it was at the time. Now I realize what instant gratification actually is. Then I would take my 36 photos, rolling the negatives onto a spool in complete darkness praying I did it right, then developing said negatives, all the while praying I got at least one or two good shots, then developing print after print until finally I got an image that I was happy with. Now with an almost identical camera (a Nikon D70s instead of an N90s) I can shoot… a lot. At 350 pictures (both a jpeg and raw image) per 2GB compact flash card let’s just say I could shot more photos that even I would probably want to. I get to see them immediately and decide of I want to take another shot and if I really am feeling crazy I can use burst mode to my hearts content. The problem up to this point has been what comes next. Generally if there are other people interested in seeing these photos I will put them up on the web. If they were just for my shooting pleasure then they tend to sit on my computer while I curse iPhoto for being a woefully inadequate program. Now however I am using Lightroom. I just started getting my immense library into the program, but already I love how it organizes my files. I can’t wait to test out the other features and maybe, just maybe I will print one or two. I make no promises.


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