Psychic Vacuum

Sunday of this weekend was great. I got to play tourist with a friend from Boston. We met for dim sum at a New Green Bo, then we wandered Chinatown catching a bit of lion dancing. We toured the Tenement Museum and loaded up on treats at Economy candy. My favorite part of the day was touring an installation by artist Mike Nelson called A Psychic Vacuum. Nelson takes an abandoned warehouse and turns it into a maze of found objects.

Accessed through a small door on Delancey Street, the work draws visitors into a parallel universe by way of a series of deeply believable and disquieting architectural spaces, confusing the real with the fictionally derelict. Entering Nelson’s work is an active, and sometimes anxious, experience in which viewers move through an elaborate labyrinth of rooms often concealed within rooms, surrendering their bearings to experience the artist’s three-dimensional narrative.

If you have the chance, go. We ended the night at Schiller’s Liquor Bar. It was basically a vacation without having to leave town.


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