Color Coordinating

I love color. One of the hardest things for me to do is choose an item that comes in more than one color. They look so good together. Will I like the green one or the red one when I get home? Maybe it is the orange one that will be may favorite. Get me in front of a yarn display and I will want to take home one of each… what am I going to do with only one of each? Excellent question. Striped scarf? Today on craftzine I was reading about a tutorial on color picking. I know that for some people choosing the color palette is the hard part, not necessarily choosing which of the colors they want to work with. Since I am a designer and I have to choose color palettes on a regular basis I am know of a few other tools that are mighty helpful when choosing colors. If you have a picture you like, you can use a color palette generator such as this one or this one to pull out the colors for you. I also like to go to kuler to check out palettes that other people have posted. It is a great way to find something you like. You can always take the swatches with you and find good matches in whatever medium you are going to be crafting. Happy color hunting!!


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