Fence Me In

Recently a B&B went in right next to our property upstate. Normally I don’t dislike B&Bs, but this one cleared all the trees on the piece of property and the building is an absolute monstrosity. They even built a walking path on the property that is about 1 inch from the property line between us and them. People have suggested I put up the ugliest cheapest fence I can find to make sure people understand they aren’t supposed to wander off this path. On the one hand, this isn’t a bad idea. The problem is that we are planning on putting a house in an area that would make it so that we have to look at the fence as well. Besides, I don’t want to pay for something ugly. Today I saw this fence on Apartment Therapy and thought it was really nice looking and could be very cheap. I mean we have a ton a branches to choose from. It should be easy to put something along these lines together for very little. Then we can have our privacy and something nice to look at.


One Reply to “Fence Me In”

  1. You should definately put up some barb wire fencing along the property line to discourage people from wandering over. You can work on what looks good when you actually get your house going. Meanwhile you are not letting the B&B establish any bad habits.

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