Today is a make lemonade out of lemons kinda day. I left the house nicely dressed thinking today was like any other rainy day in NYC. Well I was wrong. Just before I got to the subway it started to pour. Like someone was just dumping buckets of water from the sky. I tried standing still, but that really didn’t help. So I decided that I was going to have to stop and get something else to wear before going to work. Although not before I had to get the rest of the way to work looking and feeling a lot like a drowned animal. I was soaked from the waist down and merely wet from the waist up. My shoes were ruined and had left marks on my feet. When I got out of the subway I stopped in a store and picked up a complete new outfit (minus shoes since I had some at work already) and a new pair of pants in case I wanted to just change the soaked part of me. I opted to completely change into a shirt dress. I am hoping that any future forays into the rain will be less clothes drenching because my legs, which were the part that took the brunt of the soaking will be bare.


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