Cold Brewed Ice Coffee

I am a big fan of iced coffee in the morning. No sugar, lots of half and half and lots of ice. In the morning I walk into my regular place and the guy behind the counter gets my large ices hazelnut with room for milk ready for me without me having to ask. In an effort to save a few bucks I have been bringing my own lately. I think I finally have the routine down to a point where it doesn’t feel like a pain in the butt. I recently changed my preparation a bit to cold brew the coffee instead of the normal hot brewing. I read that cold brewing brings out more of the chocolaty flavors of coffee and less of the bitter flavors. The process takes 12 hours although beyond grinding the beans and mixing them into water there isn’t much to do but wait. So far it has been great. Most people use a coffee filter and a strainer to remove the grounds from the water, but I figure if a french press can do it for hot brewing, why not cold. It works like a charm. Even M, who doesn’t like coffee, concedes that if he were to drink coffee that is how he would do it. He even likened it coffee ice cream.


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