Where is My Mind

With my feet in the air and my head on the ground…

The Pixies seem to be able to most accurately describe how I am feeling right now. I am not sure if it is allergies, thyroid issues, dementia, or what but I have been out of sorts lately. This morning I tried on about 800 things and with total disgust left the house in jeans and a black t shirt (sorry Mom). I don’t feel comfortable in anything except a certain type of cotton shirt with elbow length sleeves which I have in about 10 colors (sorry Alex), but I think people are starting to catch on that I am wearing essentially the same shirt. Today I have a different shirt and cardigan on, but in order to get there I went through my closet in a very Tasmanian devil-esque way. Sigh. I am working on getting to a place where my curves aren’t quite to curvy, but in the meantime, getting dressed stinks!


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