I Should Thank Her Everyday

I am bad. I don’t get my mother gifts for mother’s day, her birthday, Christmas… in fact I have actually talked to her on her birthday and forgot to say happy birthday! And she still loves me! What is my problem? I am lazy. She lives far away and if I can’t hand deliver a gift, I don’t usually get one. Bad, I know. I need to do something to make up for it. I don’t know what yet, but if any of you have an idea, let me know. BTW, she reads this, so it won’t be a surprise that I am going to be doing something. Hi Mom. Thanks for everything! Love you.


One Reply to “I Should Thank Her Everyday”

  1. You know it is not the things that you buy for some one on the “special” occasions. That is obligation. Now if you will go on vacation with your Mom, that is a real gift!

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