M & I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA. We love so many of their inexpensive, simple designs, we love their as is section which gets our creative juices flowing and we love that we can get storage boxes for half the price they are available anywhere else. But we HATE that so very often they are out of the very thing that we need. This past weekend we went to get pieces for project closet and despite the fact that I checked to see if the items were in stock, the items were not in stock. It was very frustrating. Luckily we are within driving distance of 3 stores, but this means another trip this weekend. Well today I read on Apartment Therapy that CB2 is opening a store in SoHo next to one of my other very favorite stores Pearl River. While I have never actually been to CB2, I have checked them out online. They are Crate & Barrell’s younger hipper, more reasonably priced sibling. Watch out IKEA, we may have a new love.


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