Hey Big Spender!

Yesterday M had to drive to NJ to take care of a client and was done early. I encouraged him to take some time to himself because he works hard for his money (so hard for it, Honey) and he really could use a day off. When I got home and looked over at my desk there was (is) a ridiculously huge flat screen monitor sitting smack dab in the center. 24 inches to be exact. Now I work on a 12 inch ibook at home so this thing is just… huge is really the best way to describe it. After I got over the shock I looked around the house a little more and saw some other shiny new toys like a new drill and a laser level and some stuff in a bag that looks suspiciously like computer games. I swear I leave him alone for one minute and look what happens! Luckily he doesn’t get many free minutes.


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