New Wardrobe

Things went great with project “spruce up wardrobe!” Thank you to all those who participated!! In addition to my mother, aunt and cousin, my sister also joined us via satellite. It was a great mix of style and experiences which made for some great suggestions. Hey, if an outfit could please the whole crowd I knew it was a keeper. I found out that I have not been too far off in my recent purchases. Some of my clothes need to be shortened (I am a shorty) and surprisingly few need to be subtracted. Luckily none of those were recent purchases. It was a lot like getting a new set a clothes without having to spend a lot of money. Shoes were the definite weak point. I am more of a comfort person and the chunky comfy shoes I have tended towards don’t fit in with the new more stylish looks I would like to start wearing. My husband already thinks I have too many… Oh to be a man and have three pairs of shoes that are comfortable and stylish.


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