I am not a fashionista. I never have been and I suspect I never will be. I am creative in a lot of ways, but with clothes, I just can’t make it come together. Part of the trouble is what I see in the magazines are models who look good in everything and I, will all my curves, need to dress just a little differently. I have been on a shopping tear lately and it occurred to me that before I head too far down a path where the fashion police are bound to arrest me that I should reach out for some guidance. But who does one ask to turn a critical eye on one’s wardrobe? Husband? Um… no. So with few girl friends I feel comfortable enough asking to come and watch me try on clothes, I turn to family. Tomorrow Mom, Aunt and highly fashionable, hip young cousin will be playing what not to wear with me and my clothes. Mom will be participating via satellite which is good because if she is too mean I can mute her. (Consider that your first warning, Mom.) I think it is a good mix of young, sophisticated and practical but still I am a little nervous. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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