Shuffling Along

While running (well mostly walking with some running) on Saturday my iPod worked its way out of my pocket and skittered across the ground, face down. 😦 It still works but for the rest of my run/walk I had to carry it. The way my arms would flail about caused me to rip my headphones from my ears repeatedly. At that moment I decided I needed a smaller music player. Last night I went to the Apple store, decided that the shuffle should be small enough and set about deciding whether I wanted the green or orange shuffle. Orange won. I also got myself a pair of Nike headphones that seem to lend themselves to staying in my ear a bit better and are sweat proof. My checkout was an interesting experience on its own. I didn’t have to go to a register, someone came to me with a little hand held device, swiped my card and asked if I wanted my receipt emailed or printed. I was amazed. I spent the rest of the evening deciding which songs would motivate me while exercising.

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