Oh Give Me a Home!

M & I are one step closer to having a weekend home. Those of you that live in NYC probably understand that a weekend home can make all the difference in how long you can stay in NY. So lately I have been poking around online to see what types of shelters we can afford in the short term but can be expanded in the future. I love the idea of these architect designed modular homes. But because they are designed by architects they are a lot more expensive for the same amount of room than a boring old cape cod modular. Now it just so happens that I went to school for architecture and although I don’t really do all that much architecture now I know a little and I know a few architects. So what I am thinking is if this modular company that does the boring cape cods would be willing to work with us (and I get the impression that they will) we could probably have the best of both worlds. It is an exciting path to be starting down albeit a scary one.


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