Oh My God! I think I am a Nerd!

Oh dear… oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This picture by Natalie Dee made me come to a sad realization… I am a nerd. I think that this would not have hit so close to home had I not been sitting with my buddy Aim discussing the good old days zip disks and computer clusters and irc chatting with friends who were sitting next to you. Ah those where the days. Kids, back in my day we didn’t all have our own computers and we had to go to a communal area to get our work done. I can remember when zip disks came out and they could hold 250 megs and were $20. Back in college, who on earth has $20? So I would borrow someones disk and transport my information from one computer cluster to another to get my work done. I also used to walk uphill both ways in the snow.


2 Replies to “Oh My God! I think I am a Nerd!”

  1. Ah, ha … the nerd_apple does not fall far from the nerd_apple_tree 🙂 Actually, you are a nerd because you had a VIC 20 computer, a Prodigy account, and nerdy parents. BTW, the original ZIP disks only held 100MG … I still have my original ZIP drive and disks.

  2. my zip drive died back when I had my orange translucent iMac. (wow, that was a long time time ago. I have had four computers in the past 11 years!) College was defnitely the era of Syquest and Bernoulli drives…. students now can just buy a stack of DVD-Rs and burn all of their stuff onto a DVD, for like $30.

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