Baby, Talk Dirty to Me

When I was younger somewhere in between classic rock and grunge I was a huge fan of glam metal, more specifically what is known as the second wave of glam metal. Poison and Cinderella were two of my absolute favorites. You just don’t hear enough Poison on the radio these days. “Why is this popping up in my blog?” you ask. After soccer on Tuesday while having dinner and beers with the guys I was stopped in my conversational tracks by the opening bars of “Talk Dirty to Me” a hit single by the afore mentioned band, Poison. I was unable to continue the conversation because of all the singing I had to do until the song was over. It turns out a friend of mine admitted he was also a glam metal fan… who knew? I have to say that Live Bait is my new favorite place to grab a burger and beer after soccer. The food is decent and the music superb, last week I was surprised with “I Hate Myself for Loving You” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I can’t wait to see what blast from the past next week has to offer.


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