I am a big fan of pesto. It is really easy to make and when I have my aerogarden up and running in the winter it is the best way to use the abundance of basil. I have a recipe for basic basil that I really like from 101 cookbooks that I am very happy with and I hadn’t even thought of messing with it, until today. Pestolero is a German company that allows you to create your very own pesto recipe and have them make it for you and send it. Sadly, this is only available to you if you live in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, BUT I am getting some great ideas to spice up my basic recipe! How about adding a few macadamia nuts, or maybe some almonds, or perhaps a little sage? via


I Heart Green


Over the course of my life I have had many favorite colors. For a very long time red was the favorite, but at some point over the last few years I started to really dig green. Bright yellow greens make me especially happy. I have been seeing a lot of green show up in kitchen photos lately and it makes me wonder… I mean I love green now, but who knows when the shift will be to yellow or blue or back to red? Then I am stuck with green cabinets as a haunting reminder of my green period. This kitchen is a wonderful use of green accents and vinyl wall decals, which may be so last year, but are something I still happen to love. The swatch of green on the wall give the table and chairs a special place. I have been coveting those IKEA chairs since I saw them and I think they look great in this small kitchen. If you will really closely you will also see another of my favorite things, a little birdie. This is a really great way to add color quickly to a rental space that you have to paint over. Way to go, Jennifer!

Vintage Silver Garden Markers


These vintage silver garden markers are wonderful! I love just about anything that has letters stamped into it. At $8 each they would make a lovely gift for the gardener in your life. Personally, I think I am going to grab some of those flea market finds I have been hanging on to and my stamps to bang out (pun intended) a few of my own. I knew that jewelry making degree would come in handy!  via

Crafty Christmas Tree

121508atlitw02This year I didn’t have enough floor space to have a tree. I did have a Christmas wreath and some garland so that I would have a place to hang some ornaments and get the Christmas light effect and the pine smell. Unfortunately this meant that many of my ornaments didn’t see the light of day. I love this wall tree by Jane of All the Luck in the World. What a wonderful creative way to display all your ornaments without sacrificing floor space. Next year I am definitely going to give this a try. via

More Felt Love

After posting the felted pin cushion I started to get the itch to make something myself and what better than a felted bag! Mags Kandis posted this beautiful free pattern for a bucket bag. I especially love the embroidery embellishments. In fact if you click around Mags’ site you will see a lot of inspirational embellishments. I am also intrigued by the link to and I plan to find out what they are all about.


David Trubridge

I have been meaning to post about my love for David Trubridge’s light for a while now. I first saw his lamps in New Zealand and have been lusting after one ever since. I love the lighteness of the wood, but the overall size of the lamp. I love that when you buy one, they come in a box not much bigger than a ream of 11×17 paper and you have to put it together yourself.  Even with the 50% price drop since DWR has been carrying his Coral Pendant, the price tag has been holding me back. The DIY part of me has been thinking I could come up with something similar. Finally someone has posted directions on how you can make a very similar, although much smaller lamp. I think I am going to have to try for my own DIY design.

Making the Old New

In our kitchen we have a chandelier. We rent so we can’t really change it as much as I would like to. It is brass with plastic “crystals”. We cleaned it as best we could when we moved in, but it didn’t help much. A while ago we had an idea to wrap the whole thing with christmas lights. The one thing holding us back was we didn’t like the idea of having to hide the cord and we couldn’t find the necessary hardware to get around this easily. Enter this terrific light by Tom Raffield. We both love bent wood and I think we could do a DIY version of this without too much trouble. While I would love to buy the real thing, it will have to wait for when we have a place of our own. via

Enough for an Army

For a while while at the grocery store as I passed the spice aisle I would say to myself, I seem to remember that we need mustard powder. Unfortunately I never said to myself, don’t be silly you got it last time we were here. Now I have at least two, maybe even three jars of mustard powder. What does one do with that much mustard powder? Until today I had no idea. Today a recipie for delicious looking soft pretzels popped into my reader and with that recipe there was a link to homemade mustard! Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that before?

Pass the Cheerios Please!

I am not much of a cereal eater, but M is and boy am I glad. Today on craftzine, I saw this brilliant idea for reusing cereal boxes to hold magazines. If you are like me, you still have a pretty wicked magazine habit and while those neat fold up magazine holders from IKEA are very handy when it comes to organizing the ones you want to keep, wouldn’t it be better to use something you were just going to recycle anyway? I say yes! via link


I know I am always saying how much I love IKEA. I can’t help it. The only thing I love more than IKEA is a good IKEA product hack. I saw this great idea for snazzing up the simple lines of the Malm bed on James went to a local print shop, rummaged around in their discard pile for printed adhesive vinyl and voila, fantastic looking bed.