Holiday Cabana

I am not sure what I like best about this lakeside retreat in Sri Lanka. Maybe it is the creative use of a shipping container or that all the materials used were found on site. The nicely sized covered deck sitting on top of the container is a nice touch. Although maybe it is the incredible view of the lake and mountains. It looks wonderfully peaceful and I can imagine myself sitting on the deck sipping a faux-jito.


Better Than a Tent


I love this little 8’x8′ shanty on the banks of the New River in the mountains of North Carolina. Jeff and his wife bought a bit of property and after months of tent camping decided to build the a structure that would not require a permit. Sounds familiar. It was months of tent camping that finally drove M&I to build our 10×10. There are no plans to go along with the exterior photos of Jeff’s tiny structure, but somehow they have a toilet, a queen sized bed and a flat screen TV in there. It is solar powered and apparently stays warm enough for them to stay there in the winter. We are still working on insulation for our cabin, so I am not sure we will be able to brave the upstate NY winters but I can tell you that I don’t miss the tent camping at all!



I am coveting the aerieLOFT by breathe architects. This amazing 10′ x 11′ x 17′ tall curved structure has a screened front, sun shade, porch, and a loft big enough to fit a queen size bed. Solar panels, an inverter, and a wood stove allow this structure to be completely off the grid while feeling very civilized. A separate outhouse has built in water catchment, outdoor shower, sink, and composting toilet. It comes as plans or a DIY kit. We have the perfect spot on the property to spend our evenings gazing at Mohonk while the sun sets. You can watch a video of the architect (stick with it until the end to see the beautiful design for the door of the outhouse) over at Treehugger. via

B Line

6a00d8341c67ce53ef0105371cf34c970b-500wi1Spring is around the corner and that means time spent on the property. Who knows, this may be the year we actually get something built that is bigger than a 10′ square! Even if we don’t build this year I can certainly dream. Today I saw this lovely home by Hive Modular. I love the modern look and big windows. The interior shots are so clean and open and airy. I would love to call one of these home. Who knows, maybe by the end of this summer, I will at least call it a weekend home. via

More Tiny Houses

I know, you are getting sick of hearing about living in a tiny house. I can’t help it. I am convinced that with 18 acres of property the last place we should be is inside in front of the boob tube (btw, I love TV). We should be outside, enjoying fresh air and being able to twirl in a circle with our arms stretched wide without bumping into anyone. Besides a tiny house won’t cost much to heat, keep cool or electrify. Back in 2006 I didn’t quite have my finger on the pulse of tiny houses so I missed the C3 cabin the first time around. Winner of AIA/Sunset Magazine Merit award in 2006 the plans were orginally made available for $2000, but have had a price drop to $850. Not bad.  via