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New Life for Cashmere

At the risk of repeating myself, I heart cashmere. So much so that even when a sweater isn’t quite right on me anymore, I have trouble letting it go. I have been considering what I might be able to do with these misfits considering my limited sewing skills. A cashmere baby blanket seems well within what I can accomplish but I do wish I was able to do something a little more special. Something perhaps like these endangered stuffies by the ladies behind Modifyd who use the all pieces and parts of garment industry cast-offs to make pillows, cup cozies, and pet beds in addition to the stuffed animals. Personally I am in love with the elephants… for baby of course. OK, maybe for me too. Who’s up for a little thrift store cashmere hunting? via

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T-shirt Transformation

M&I have been taking a long hard look at our stuff and coming quickly to the conclusion that some of it has to go. Many things have been very easy to freecycle, recycle, craigslist, or haul to the thrift store. Other things have been harder to part with. Each of us has quite the collection of t-shirts that we wouldn’t wear in a million years, but have sentimental value. M’s mom is a very talented quilter and has started on a t-shirt quilt using many of M’s shirts. I was considering making a shirt rug, but cutting them into strips is as hard to contemplate as shipping them off. So now what… with this so simple tutorial on Apartment Therapy I can give them a new life as a tote. I am pretty sure even I can handle this sewing project. And who doesn’t need a few more reusable washable bags around the house? This way instead of taking up space in a drawer or bin they can be out and about for me to enjoy.

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Cashmere Me

I am pretty sure I have mentioned that not only am I am pack rat but that I love love love cashmere. Basically even if I have a cashmere sweater that no longer works for me I can’t bring myself to throw it out. It turns out there is a reason I have been hanging on to it and that reason is so I can sew myself a cashmere cowl! Thanks, Leya for the great tutorial,  giving my sweater a new life, and giving me another way to wear cashmere everyday. via

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Shirt Skirt


I am getting back into wearing skirts lately. I always forget how comfortable they are during the summer. I even took to wearing skirts while for bike rides at the shore. If you haven’t tried it, I think you will be surprised. I have a few jersey skirts that get a lot of use, but I also have a lot of tshirts that are sitting around. I am thinking about doing a mash up of this tutorial and this one. As I have mentioned, I am not a sewer, but these seem like good projects to cut my teeth on.

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Arm Warmers

The cold weather is setting in and as you might be able to tell from my posts, I am already in knitting mode and on the hunt to find things that will help keep me warm. I saw these super cute arm warmers which at first I thought were knit, but they are actually re-purposed knee socks! I love the color and they seem super easy to put together. The pictures help a lot. I actually like knee socks because they help keep my legs warm but I bet this technique would also work with the arms of a sweater that just isn’t working for me as a sweater anymore. via

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While browsing around Supermarket I saw these adorable felted pin pods. The design and the color are just wonderful. So vibrant and rich. It helps that they are made of my favorite material in the world. I especially like the view of their cute little bottoms. I don’t think I could decide on just one! If I were more of a sewer I might consider, but $62 is a little dear for someone who hasn’t managed to sew a straight line in years. The felted bowls on her site remind me I have some yarn waiting to be knitted and felted into some bowl shapes of their own.

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iPhone Case

My protective iPhone case and screen cover are on the way. In the meantime I wanted to protect my shiny new gadget so I made a case for it with some felt and a button I had. There is nothing that makes me sadder than the first scuff, scratch, or ding. I think it turned out pretty ok.