Enough for an Army

For a while while at the grocery store as I passed the spice aisle I would say to myself, I seem to remember that we need mustard powder. Unfortunately I never said to myself, don’t be silly you got it last time we were here. Now I have at least two, maybe even three jars of mustard powder. What does one do with that much mustard powder? Until today I had no idea. Today a recipie for delicious looking soft pretzels popped into my reader and with that recipe there was a link to homemade mustard! Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that before?


Baking in the Heat

This isn’t my cake, but it is very pretty.

M’s sister is coming to visit this weekend for her 16th birthday. She is a shopaholic so we are going to show her some of the better places to shop in town. Today I have a half day off so after getting $.99 breakfast at IKEA (ok, I also got a cinnamon bun, but only because it was only $.50 more when I got the coffee and I have very little will power) and grocery shopping, I came back home to make an apricot breakfast crumble and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. In addition to being a shopaholic Kelly is also a chocoholic. It is almost 90 degrees today. Yes, I am crazy.