I Wish I Was German

Well I kind of am German I guess. I am a pretty typical American mutt with roots in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Ireland… Anyway I wish I was fully German and living in Germany. Why you ask? Because they have the most amazing felt products! I swear any time I see a lovely product made of wonderfully thick gorgeous wool felt, it is from Germany. The latest felt object I am lusting after is this laundry basket. While I love grey felt luckily Google offered to translate the page for me because it comes in every color of the rainbow. If I had to choose right now, I would go for white. Simple and beautiful. via


Two Great Materials


When I was in jewelry school, I didn’t have lots of money to be spending on silver so I made everything out of copper or brass. The problem is, copper takes on a dingy kind of look to it. This cuff bracelet, a collaboration between Marcus and Nicole Fischer of dustbreeding.com,  is a wonderful way to take that dingy quality and put it to work! With the grain and the color you have something that looks very much like wood. And I of course love the felt lining. As Marc points out it gives it a mossy feel. The site is a real inspiration. Make one thing a day for a year.

Flat Felt


I love handbags. You rarely have to worry about if a bag is going to fit right. Since many of us need a bag to carry our wallet, metrocard, lip gloss and whatever else it is women carry in their bags, you might as well have a few so that you don’t get bored. I especially love this bag from Branch. It is felt (we all know how I feel about that) it is grey with orange, and it unzips to lay flat. How cool is that? I have seen similar bags by designer Josh Jakus but I happen to prefer a shoulder bag to a clutch.

Rose Bowl

daes_felt_bowl_proppedSo much about this picture makes me happy. This thick industrial felt bowl besides being my favorite of materials is very cleverly designed. With the help of some strategically placed magnates that add little pops of color, it can either be flat or bowl shaped as shown here holding this happy color yarn and the inviting wood (maybe bamboo) knitting needles. I wish I had such a nice place to store my current knitting project.