Hostel Environments


What kind of images come to mind when I say the word hostel? A room crammed with bunk beds, shared showers that require flip-flops, scenes from a recent horror movie by Eli Roth? You may want to give some hostels a second look. Along the lines of the Ace Hotel chain making its way to a city near you, these hostels are way cool with themed rooms, custom furniture, funky details, and your choice of shared or private bathrooms. Next time I am in any one of the cities listed in this article on Budget Travel you can bet I am going to be booking my room at one of these places. If it is good enough for Nathan Fillion it is good enough for me!

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Two Great Materials


When I was in jewelry school, I didn’t have lots of money to be spending on silver so I made everything out of copper or brass. The problem is, copper takes on a dingy kind of look to it. This cuff bracelet, a collaboration between Marcus and Nicole Fischer of,  is a wonderful way to take that dingy quality and put it to work! With the grain and the color you have something that looks very much like wood. And I of course love the felt lining. As Marc points out it gives it a mossy feel. The site is a real inspiration. Make one thing a day for a year.


This Makes Me Want to Cry


If you are like me, your stock portfolio has been on your mind lately and inevitably makes you a little sad. Well if you are going to cry, you should have one of these to blot away your tears. The ladies at Design Glut are all about things culturally relevant and they really hit the nail on the head with this one. If just having the Dow in your pocket isn’t enough, you can get a personalized handkerchief with your stocks. I am going to use mine to blow my nose. via

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Rose Bowl

daes_felt_bowl_proppedSo much about this picture makes me happy. This thick industrial felt bowl besides being my favorite of materials is very cleverly designed. With the help of some strategically placed magnates that add little pops of color, it can either be flat or bowl shaped as shown here holding this happy color yarn and the inviting wood (maybe bamboo) knitting needles. I wish I had such a nice place to store my current knitting project.

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DIY Lampshade


I love love love this DIY lampshade by Carrie of Carrie Can for her sister. She takes an ordinary paper lampshade, and transforms it with tissue paper. The materials are dirt cheap but the result is wonderful! I am inspired to get started on a few lampshades of my own. You can find a full tutorial on And in case you are wondering the mural in the background was done by Carrie as well. Her sister is awfully lucky! Thanks for the inspiration and tutorials, Carrie!